Brief van Angulus Milambo

01.12.2013 16:00


Letter of Angulus Milambo                                                                                                                        Mbeya, 01-12-2013


Ref to: Thanks and report information to orphans foundation


Hi Marion, I hope you are fine and you are continue well with a job. Me I am fine and the holiday it's going fine, so I am happy.


So mother, I am glad to write this report letter to you, first of all thanks a lot for the support which you gave to me in education since I join form one up to now I reach diploma education level, for that thanks a lot to orphans foundation, God bless yours.


Also my result of National examination, which was done may in college, it's good I got second class, which allow to join high education in a later time. So to me it is my better opportunity to continue with university education while a get employment.


You know mother in backtime and now I like to communicate with you frequently, but the problem became a financial to handle that, but I think next year when I'll get a job I manage some money for buying a laptop machine and modems, thus will simplity and become easy to give you various report, and my progress also to get advise from you.


So the Government will provide employment next year january and february month. I reported to the school centre already for starting a job, so I inform you where I'll be posted.


Also I attach my curriculum vitae, I think it's important for you to know my overvieuw qualifications up to now, thus due to your effort, also photo's I take from Dodoma location, where I stay in that holiday since june from Iringa, then return Mbeya January next year.


So mother, I have many to tell you, but for today let to stop here, my mere word thanks a lot to orphans foundation. I am still your child, so I still need your help in materials and moral.


I wish yours Happy Christmas and Happy New Year 2014 with all the best.


Bye bye


It's me, Angulus