Annual reports 2013



  • 2 students have graduated: Henry Padon and Angulus Milambo

  • Looking at the finances we can accept 3 students for 6 years. This is guaranteed by our finance..

  • It has been decided to increase school fees to € 300,00 instead of € 250.00. Life is there also become more expensive.

  • Faraya Kamata is a 13-year-old orphan and new. She is chosen this year for a stydyperiod of 6 years.

  • We hope to find 2 more orphans in Mbeya. Kris and Remigia are busy finding 2 students, in Mbeya Tanzania. There has been already contact with an orphanage in Mbeya.

  • The board decided that every year we ask the students to write to us. This is information for on the website. This keeps everyone who sponsors aware of the study results. We love transparency.


4 October 2013, we abandoned the old website, because this was too static.
We now have a own website under our control with a private domain registration. This website is for the Foundation very practical:

  • We're not dependent on others and can change and add whenever we want. The website will remain also up to date in this way. It is now a website which is dynamic and this speaks more to us.

  • However there is a financial picture. We have a contract for 1 year and we will see how this runs. Possibly we are going into a contract for several years, because it is cheaper per year. However you have to pay everything at once and that is a lot of money.

  • Would be fine, if we find a sponsor: € 141.25 / year. For several years it becomes cheaper.


We are well disposed and may adopt 3 new students for 6 years of study.

Board meeting:

We have a Board meeting In december 2013, because all three Board members are then in Netherlands.


We have a new volunteer in Iringa. Function Secretary. Her name is Babybaraka Chuma. She is a fellow of Kris at the University in Iringa.