Meeting Berdin and Marion

On the website it is important that the children in Tanzania answers in how the Foundation experienced by letters, mail etc this are we going to promote more is decided.

Why? Because it motivates people to support our Foundation.

Mails are sent to Tanzania to achieve this


November 2013.

Marion contacted by phone Henry and Angulus to say congratulations with their graduation.

We received from both boys a letter and photo's.


7 January 2014

Board meeting with Berdin, Kristofa and Marion:

  • the financial administration: this is healthy.
  • donations: this regularly.
  • the students: there are now 4 students going to school. Pictures of the last 2 students are now also available on the website.
  • school fees: 1200 euro is given to Kristofa, who takes it to Tanzania, to reduce the transaction costs.
  • the website: This costs the Foundation 141.25 euro per year. We like to investigate whether we can find a volunteer who can do this for free for our Foundation. If we cannot find this person, we will close a subscription that will last a little longer than 1 year to reduce the costs.
  • Marion goes to Tanzania at the end of 2014 on vacation (own expense) and hopes than to meet the students.
  • In our opinion we have everything transparent to all readers.
  • Kristofa is busy with a daughter Foundation in Tanzania. This foundation will be broader than our Foundation in the Netherlands: it consists of financial, medical and legal support. The statutes are all ready. However, the Government put a stop for new NGO's. First need is to be viewed or the existing Ngo's that they do what they say they do, then the Government will start to vieuw the new Ngo's. The Board also exists in Tanzania from volunteers. If this Foundation actually exists, Kristofa can start writing projects and approach other foundations for support.
  • Berdin has done a sponsor in Veldhoven-request at: The Spring Festival of the Round Table in Veldhoven
  • Marion has a sponsor-application done in the MMC-hospital in Veldhoven and Eindhoven: MMC Helps.