The Board

Marion Slaats


Works as an operating theatre nurse (surgery) at Maxima Medical Centre since 1980 in Veldhoven. She became a teacher when she was 21 years old, but preferred to work in a hospital.  She is the coordinator of the commitee and the workgroup in Holland and has contacts with the responsible persons in Mbeya. She is now retired.


Jan Oostveen

Treasurer and Secretary.

Works as an independent tax advisor based in Veldhoven and has been involved in helping underprivileged children in Sierra Leone, Ghana and Kenya in recent years. Here and there he helps families again to support themselves.


Dr. Kristofa Zulu Nyoni

Member of committee, Chief-executive of the foundation in Mbeya - Tanzania.

He is Dr in Sciences of Education, with specialization in youth animation. He is lecturer in Ruaha University College, Iringa Tanzania.