stichting MMC helpt

24/02/2014 16:44

We are very happy with the donation of MMC helps: 1800,00 euro!

This is for 1 student 6 years long study in high school.



stichting MMC helpt (MMC helps foundation)


Stichting MMC helpt was founded in 1982 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the St. Joseph Hospital. At the creation of the foundation it had the name Saint Joseph Hospital helps. With the merger and the name changed of the hospital in the name stichting MMC helpt.
MMC helps was created to support in developing countries projects aiming medical care and education. Our special attention is given to the children and to the future.

Structural support projects:

Since its founding in 1982, we support structurally a project in Indonesia.
This project is located in Enarotali in Papua New Guinea. Here focuses on education and health of the local population with special attention to the children. Is a monthly amount of 700 euros to this project.
Would you like to support the stichting MMC Helpt?
This is the bank number: 65 39 67 330